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BPAP System

৳ 55,000

Model: RESmart GII BPAP T-25T,

Workmode: S, T, S/T, CPAP

Brand: BMC, Made in China.

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Feature of BPAP/BiPAP/CPAP:
*Automatic Work Mode: It can track patient’s respiratory condition Automatically & sensitively change airway pressure to fit patients need.
*Eco Smart Humidifier: Heating system with innovative dual water chambers design, Storage Chamber VS Heating Chamber. Eco Smart warm up, high efficiency, lower water bills.

*Color Display: LCD screen will be convenient for you to see the data in the process of treatment. With an exquisite control knob, BMC RESmart GII Series brings you unsurpassed operational experience.

*SpO2 kit: Monitoring the blood oxygen saturation during sleeping, only suit for RESmart machine.Buy Separately

*Oximeter: Blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate display, can be clearly seen during the course of therapy.

*Reslex: Automatically reduce the treatment pressure when patient exhales, more comfortable.

*Delay off: This will blow off the vapor left in the humidifier to avoid any damage to the device.

*Alert Alarm: An audible alert will sound if the device is accidentally disconnected from power when it is delivering air.    No alert message on the screen during a power failure.

*Altitude Compensate: Depending on the location of the region to choose a different setting, the machine will make the pressure compensation accordingly and automatically.

*iCode II: Compliance Data is encoded by iCode and it is easy to be transfered by smart phone iCode APP.

*BMC+APP: You can search and download it from Google play and APP store easily and conveniently.

*SD Card: 4GB capacity of SD Card can fully record the patient’s treatment information data. Large capacity, easy operation, more comprehensive information access.


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