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Conventional Fire Alarm

4 Zone Rados Brand, Made in Korea.

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We have three main types of fire alarm system

Conventional Fire Alarms
These fire detection systems divide your premises into zones.  In the event of an alert – perhaps triggered automatically by a smoke detector or manually by a ‘break glass’ alarm – wiring linked to an LED control panel will identify the zone.  But it won’t indicate the precise area;

Addressable Fire Alarms
Here, each individual device, such as a smoke or heat detector, has its own unique electronic address. If one activates, the fire alarm system control panel tells you precisely where the problem lies;

Wireless Fire Alarms
A fire detection system which uses a secure wireless link between the sensor and the control panel. Most will offer sounders, beacons and call points.  These are a great option if you don’t want lots of cable on your premises.


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