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X-Ray Machine 200mA

X-RAY Machine 200mA

Triup Brand, Model: YZ200B

Made in China.

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Power supply Adjustable range 380V:     340V–420V
220V:     195V–250V
Radiography Adjustable range of tube voltage 50~100kV (Can adjust continuously)
Adjustable range of tube current Small focus: 50mA
Big focus: 50, 100, 150 and 200mA
Tube current of spot-film 150mA (fix)
Adjustable range of time 0.04~6.3s 23 grades together
High-voltage Generator unit Max. DC output voltage 100kV
Max. DC output current 200mA at instant 5mA at running
X-ray tube Model XD51-20.40/100
Focus 1mm x1mm 2mmx2mm
Rotary angle +90~0~-5 degree
Move range of gastrointestinal spot-film device (fluorescent screen) Pressure direction: >300mm
Horizontal direction: the center of diagnostic bed moves left (right) >80mm
Vertical direction: > 400mm


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